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Summer Brings Danger for Upward Transitions’ Clients

The hot summer months are almost upon us.  For most of us, that means vacations, cookouts and days lounging by the pool, but, for those experiencing homelessness, the summer is a season of peril. It only takes a heat index of 90 degrees to bring danger and health risks. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause severe sunburns, blisters and heat rash which can lead to skin cancer.  Sun exposure can also cause the skin to bruise more easily and […]

Travelers Aid International Gets Back to Basics

Upward Transitions joined representatives from Travelers Aid member agencies from across the U.S. and Canada in our nation’s capital for the 2015 Travelers Aid International Annual Conference, June 17-19. The “Back to Basics” themed gathering included daily informational and educational sessions focused on leadership succession planning, volunteer management, battling human trafficking, crisis management, partnership formation, and fundraising along with break-out sessions for airports, agency leaders, and social service members. Upward Transitions’ director of volunteers, Periann Pulliam, said that although she […]

Our Mission

Upward Transitions serves those who are homeless and impoverished by providing case management and stabilizing resources to meet basic social needs. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals and families to reach their potential with the ability to support themselves and contribute back to their community.

Upward Transitions is committed to community development and advocacy for those who are poor and homeless.

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Who We Help

Dana Hope Chism opened the envelope, read the short letter, saw the check and smiled.  A donation and a simple, handwritten note expressing gratitude are enough to make any nonprofit director’s day.  But this donation and this note were different.  They represented the final step in a journey that began nearly five years ago.

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There is a warmth to Glenda that seems to relax the very air around her.  She speaks in a slow, deliberate and thoughtful cadence.  But behind the kindness in her eyes is a fatigue, a tiredness that comes with being a single mother of four.

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Glenda (300x300)

I walked out of Upward Transitions feeling hopeful, blessed and, yes, loved. I’m beyond thankful to have met with them and to be assisted by Upward Transitions.

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When Alysha was struggling, she turned to Upward Transitions for help.

Thank goodness for Upward Transitions – I don’t know what I would have done without their help!

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