Our Mission

Serving Oklahoma City since 1925, Upward Transitions strives to prevent generational poverty through community collaboration, emergency assistance and empowerment, therefore inspiring hope with our neighbors experiencing housing instability.

In 2018-2019, more than 3,300 people received direct assistance from Upward Transitions including transportation, housing, food, legal documents, and state IDs. 

Our Impact

In June 2016, Tonya, a single mother working full-time and raising four children (ages 2, 7, 9 and 15), had reached a breaking point after her car was wrecked. The tremendous stress, from the incurred expenses to replace the car and obtain new insurance coverage along with legal issues which arose from the accident, was overwhelming.

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Kristen, an over-50 unemployed chemist, was on the verge of bankruptcy and living in a local shelter.  Things became worse when her purse was stolen along with all her identification.

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Eight years ago, Glenda was faced with a choice.  She was letting her brother’s grandchildren, who were living with him at the time; spend the weekend with her and her daughter.  Glenda’s brother told her he didn’t think he and his wife could keep and raise the children. 

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* Some of the clients identifying information has been changed to protect their privacy.